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Termo Box
Termo Box (-35°C / +45°C Retention)

Galvaniz Su Tankı (35LT)
Galvanized Water Tank (35LT)

Galvaniz Su Tankı (90LT)
Galvanized Water Tank (90LT)

Krom Su Tankı
Chrome Water Tank (90LT)

Hayat Water Tank Konya
Plastic Water Tank (30LT / 50LT)

Türk Su Depoları
Water Tank Clamp

Takım Dolabı Saçtan
Water Tank Clamp Attachment

Hayat Su Deposu Konya
Mustafa Hayat Plastic Tool Cabinets

Galvaniz Su Tankerleri
Plastic Tool Box 50S

Treyler Yangın Kutusu
Plastic Tool Box 60S

Plastik Takım Dolabı 80S
Plastic Tool Box 80S

Saç Takım Dolap (MT)
Sheet Iron Tool Box (MT)

Yangın Dolabı (6KG)
Fire Cabinet (6KG)

Teker Takozu
Wheel Chock

Dorse Hava Tüpü
Air Tube

Yağ Tankı
Oil Tank

"Worldwide many large and small trailer, trailers and our company supply spare parts for trailer vehicles continues to increase its customer base every day. Aesthetic approach adopted in our products that speak of quality."
General Manager: Mustafa HAYAT